Bron Hill

Founder, Blogger, Designer and lover of all things fab.

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Growing up as a child, I was always encouraged to follow my dreams, to be my own person and supported in each endeavor I set out on.   After finishing school, the choice was hard, I knew I wanted to do something creative but I battled to decide on exactly what that should be.

I took a year off, and after applying my mind to a media design course, I finally decided that Interior Design was the way to go for me.

I qualified from DUT with distinction a few years later and with  “the world as my oyster” and” the sky the limit” as they often say, I was eager to take on the design world but that would need to wait when the opportunity to see the world fell into my lap!

It turns out that I have a passion for travel and all things different and amazing!   I love sinking my teeth into something so different that it makes your head spin and after an incredible few months in South America, I decided a teaching stint in India would be the next adventure on my agenda.

On my return it was time to tackle the working world and to “pay my school fees” as my folks always say. I worked for a few years, learning as much as I could about the industry I love.  I always knew that I wanted to start my own business but this came about sooner than I expected.

It was 2009 and I felt the time was right.  What started as a small freelance drawing business soon grew into the business I have today where I have had amazing opportunities to work with wonderful people and to build, not only great working relationships, but long standing relationships with most of my clients.

I would characterise my style as cool, calm and sophisticated urban modernism and I am always looking for design challenges that push me to a new level,  where I can show off my ever-evolving style.  Each one of my spaces feels warm, comfortable and homely despite the style in which it is created.

Today, my studio provides designs for everything from large scale residences, to extensive home re-models and quick room/home make-overs or staging.  Although my specialty is residential interiors,  I have done the odd interesting project like South Africa’s first ever Escape Hunt venue, a live action escape game, right here in the heart of Durban!

I would love to hear what your ideas are for your home and about the project you have in mind, please contact my studio to see how we can help you make your project a reality.