In person design

BHD interiors is a full-service residential design studio based in Salt Rock, KZN.   We focus on High End residential projects and boutique style spaces. We are committed to designing spaces that truly reflect our clients.  Spaces where we have looked at the project with a holistic view and tailor made each design to suit the people living in them.  We are available to assist our clients with all aspects of a project from start to finish including consulting with your professional team and contractors.   As well as a custom design for all finishes and decor.  We’ll help you transform your house into a functional, beautiful space with furniture, fabrics, accessories and provide you with all you need to turn your house into a home.

BHD Interior design studio

In person design
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On-Line decor

On-line decor is a unique approach to help you turn your house into a home in a few simple clicks.  yes, that’s right….its all on line!  We strive to make giving your home a quick make-over easy and accessible.   How does it work?

Send us a couple of pictures and a few measurements of your room or rooms, along with you completed design questionnaire.  Once we have a better idea of what you want to achieve, your style, you budget and the challenges you are facing, we are able to design a complete design solution to suit you needs.  This will include:

Design concept board.

It’s really tough trying to imagine what your space could look like.  There are so many beautiful items available but what do you choose and how do you make it all work together?  That’s where our concept board comes in.  This tool will help you to visualise the design we have for your space and how it will all come together.

Furniture layout

This is a to scale floor plan showing the layout of your furniture.  This will make reference to our concept board and it will help take the worry out of wondering if your new furniture will fit!

Shopping list

Now that you can see what we have planned to turn your space into something spectacular and you have piece of mind that it all fits, use our shopping list to start acquiring all your pieces to bring your custom design together.

BHD Interior design studio

In person design
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